YACT Pleasure Boat Insurance

The policy that puts funds back into your club & helps develop the sport.

Yachting ACT has joined forces with Australia's most progressive boat insurer, Nautilus Marine to deliver the very best insurance packages for sailors and yachtsmen.

Every time a YACT member takes out a policy, valuable funds are returned to both YACT and the member's sailing club.

Under the YACT yacht insurance program, participating members who sign up to have their boat insured with YACT - Nautilus Marine, will have part of the premium paid back to YACT. YACT shares this equally with the member's sailing club.

The YACT policy is provided by Nautilus Marine, a wholly Australian owned insurance agency that provides insurance programs for boat owners and for the marine industry. Click here to find out more about Nautilus. Click here to find out more about YACT.

  • Sailboat racing cover up to 100NM race length including spinnaker usage
  • Australia wide navigational limits up to 250NM off the mainland coast
  • Australia wide transit cover for boat designed to be transported on a trailer.
  • $10,000,000 legal liability cover arising from the use of the boat.
  • 24/7 emergency claims service
  • The premium commission is shared equally between Yachting ACT and your nominated yacht club

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Dinghy / Off Beach Craft
Yachts, Cruisers, Runabouts
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